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Rapid Drug Test Systems®
A division of JMB Enterprises Inc.
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Rapid Drug Test Systems® is NOT a franchise.
Instead, we will give you the tools, training and support to own and control your own drug and alcohol testing business!

Rapid Drug Test Systems® has 30+ years of experience training new and struggling businesses in the drug and alcohol testing industry.
We offer franchise alternatives for a fraction of the cost and conduct our training with a hands-on approach.

The only TRUE entrepreneurial experience in the industry.

Create your own businessBe fully certified and trainedNo territory restrictionsNo royalty oblgations

For more information, please listen to this 3 minute audio.
Rapid Drug Test Systems Superior Training
3 minutes 32 seconds
Featuring: Michael Bonventre
What IS a True Entrepreneur? Listen here:
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What is the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry?
Practically every business you walk into uses some form of drug, alcohol, hair, DNA, background check or related security measure.
In recent years, personal and family drug testing has exploded on the scene.
What type of clients can I expect?
DOT Federally mandated employers, for example:
  • Airlines
  • Railroads
  • Bus companies
  • Trucking companies
  • Safety-sensitive employers
  • Federal and state government agencies and municipalities

Although not required, thousands of companies from retail chains to in-home service providers require testing. Some examples are:
  • Kohls
  • Home Depot
  • Auto part stores
  • Travel nurses
  • Day care and elder care providers
  • Residential and office cleaning services
  • Exterminators
What equipment will I need?
  • A phone
  • Internet access
  • Copier/fax machine
  • Skype
Where will the drug testing take place?
  • From your home-based office, collections would occur at the customer's location (on site)
  • From your car (mobile drug testing)
  • At your commercial brick & mortar based office (fixed site)
How much can I expect to earn?
There are no limits.
You will be providing services to a trillion dollar industry with clients who need your services.
Training will show you how to fill  that need to maximize your income potential.
You can begin earning money the day after you complete your training.
What if I don't have any sales ability?
All of your potential clients are already doing drug testing or mandated to provide drug testing - they are simply looking for someone who is doing it better.
You don't need to "sell" the idea of drug testing. You only need to sell yourself based on your professionalism and reputation. You will build your reputation by implementing the superior customer service techniques taught in the Rapid Drug Test Systems training.
Who will be my competition?
Rapid Drug Test Systems® makes YOU the competition. You will learn leading edge customer service techniques that cannot be matched by hospitals, large medical facilities, franchises or other national companies with over-worked and under-paid employees.

This industry is in dire need of old fashioned work ethics, morals and quality customer service.
You don't want to trust your reputation and hard work to copy cat franchises and become known as another mass provider in the drug testing services industry.
This is an opportunity to be original and in control with all the benefits of a national franchise and with none of the restrictions, obligations and endless cost.
Who are the trainers?
The principals of Rapid Drug Test Systems® conducts all trainings. These professionals have over 50 years of combined business experience and have been operating Rapid Drug Test Systems®, an industry leader in the drug testing industry, since 1982. The Drug Consultant Biographies.

Once again RDTS Business Opportunities Start-Up Training adds a unique advantage for its new entrepreneurs. During your three day training you will have the opportunity to discuss your legal concerns with RDTS President and seasoned attorney Jo A. Fabrizio over dinner in a casual relaxed setting. You will be prepared to ask your personal attorney the proper questions in assisting you with your business and your state laws when returning home. General advice will include but not be limited to discussion on DBA, LLC and S-Corporations, partners, disclaimers, non-competes, employees, sub contractors etc. Visit to learn more about RDTS President, Jo A. Fabrizio
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