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Rapid Drug Test Systems®
A division of JMB Enterprises Inc.
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Rapid Drug Test Systems®
Mission Statement
RDTS believes that the drug and alcohol testing industry is in dire need of individuals with high levels of integrity, ethics and the desire to provide superior customer service. Drug and alcohol use in the workplace costs American business billions of dollars in productivity, absenteeism, theft and accidents. The need for comprehensive policies, procedures, drug & alcohol testing in the workplace is clear. On further reflection, it is evident that there are many applications for good drug and alcohol screening and testing programs. Private industry, professional sports, government agencies, schools, corrections and law enforcement agencies all share this common need.
Rapid Drug Test Systems (RDTS) is committed to creating the highest standard of drug and alcohol screening, training and testing services by providing:

  • Quality trained certified collectors
  • On-going mentoring / consulting
  • Nationally qualified lab and Medical Review Officer (MRO) services
  • RDTS preferred, qualified collector / trainers

For those individuals who qualify, RDTS offers the opportunity to become a stand out in the drug and alcohol industry. RDTS provides a complete, all-inclusive package for the committed individual to launch your own drug and alcohol testing and collection business.
RDTS is a certified third party collector (C/TPC) for Clinical Reference Laboratory, Medtox, Quest/SmithKline/Beecham, LabCorp, LabOne, Psychemedics, Advanced Toxicology Network Laboratories, National On Site Testing, Brunswick Toxicology and many more.

RDTS is currently DOT, FRA (rail road), FAA (aviation) compliant and currently meets and conducts proficiency training of the current 49 CFR part 40 guidelines. RDTS will continue to meet and exceed new regulations before they become law.

The Most Successful Companies Drug Test.
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