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Why Rapid Drug Test Systems® New Drug Testing Business Certifications are Superior to On-Line Certifications

Rapid Drug Test Systems
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We have perfected the best online training and refuse to offer it. The following are consistent complaints from clients that have also attempted some form of online training:
·         Students get distracted, mute microphones, close cameras during training to pay attention to workers, family, pets, phone calls, deliveries etc.
·         Time limits are an issue with trainings so questions are limited.
·         Mass trainings usually cause limited questions due to concern for time, consideration of others and embarrassment to look stupid in front of others all limiting clarification of concerns. Everyone listens through personal filters. Several people can read or hear the same words and come to multiple interpretations.
·         Automated trainings always issue certificates once the training is paid in full. Many automated trainings are multiple choice. If you get the answer wrong you pick again and again and never understand which answer was correct or why.
·         Many live instructors give you answers rather than help you understand as they are watching the clock.  
·         Many clients have not properly completed compliant mandated mock collections.

Rapid Drug Test Systems Superior Training Methods
·         All new and struggling business trainings are conducted at RDTS HQ’s. You will train in a fully operational drug and alcohol collection facility. Nothing will be left to your imagination.
·         You will spend 3 days with a 35 year industry expert and no other students.
·         You will have unlimited time to ask questions to fully address all of your concerns with no pressure or judgment from other students.
·         You will get all your certifications including required mock collections with a proficient expert.
·         You will receive a full day of business operations training including wholesale lab pricing and national networking.
·         The most important of all you will have a full time on call support system from your personal trainer for a minimum of one year and hopefully for many years if desired.
·         RDTS only qualifies 12 new business clients each year to provide maximum support for your success.

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