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The Ultimate Citizen ~ Weapon of Mass Destruction in the Real War on Drugs

Rapid Drug Test Systems
"Fight Back" Anti Drug Dealer Solutions
Empowering, Motivating, Therapeutic & Easy

Fighting drug dealers is made safe, empowering and infectious with "Fight Back" anti drug dealer solutions. "Fight Back" empowers citizens to take back their neighborhoods, schools and families with great safety and ease. It turns the average citizen into a successful powerful weapon of mass destruction against drug dealers and drug related crime, which in turn rebuilds self esteem and confidence that motivates citizens once dependent on the will of politicians and mis-guided law enforcement agendas. "Fight Back" is the tool that creates real success as apposed to the dozens of feel good programs that have conditioned us to accept failure and become apathetic.

If you are intrigued by the concepts talked about by Tony Robbins and other motivational speakers and interested in taking back your life, liberty and freedom through Dr Phil style tough love and just use your head and do it therapy, "Fight Back" is the blueprint for success that any citizen can put into immediate action. The great thing about "Fight Back" is "Fight Back" is you, it is free and you will see results immediately. "Fight Back" anti drug dealer solutions immediately empowers you to make a difference in your own family, neighborhood, school and community.

Are you ready to take back your life from the drug dealers and create real change that will improve the quality of your life, neighborhood, schools, families and community.

Call Mike @ 607-687-7612 or e-mail from the web site contact link at www.rapiddrugtest.com Ensure your e-mail is accepted by identifying "Fight Back" or C~WMD (Citizen ~ Weapon of Mass Destruction) in the subject space. E-mail with no subject will be deleted.

The Broome County, NY "Fight Back" War created April 27,2006 by Mike Bonventre, sponsored by Rapid Drug Test Systems and supported by local businesses and citizens has reclaimed 23 streets and more than 23 felony arrest in it's first 20 weeks (without the support of law enforcement, media or politicians).

We are currently introducing "Fight Back" as a pilot program in local schools and have a growing calendar of interested citizens do to reports of "Fight Back" successes.

Mike Levine has recently republished his "Fight Back" book and honors the efforts of Mike Bonventre and early supporters in his forward along with many true heroes of the real war on drugs since it was first published. The "Fight Back" Real War On Drugs conducted by citizens. The most powerful C~WMD's (Citizen ~ Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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