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I have been working with criminals, drug users, drug dealers, law enforcers, politicians, citizens and parents for more than 35 years. Since 1999 I have been Operations Manager for a drug & alcohol testing company working with an increasing number of pre-teens ages10 through 13 testing positive for hard drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and meth etc. I have yet to meet a single person who chooses to take responsibility for their roll with the growing drug issue without blaming someone else for something. Parents especially just don't get it. Every time I hear it is my kids friend, I snap back is your kid anybodies friend. My insurance won't cover the good rehab or I don't have time to be part of a rehab program for supporters. Tell your child he or she isn't worth helping if the insurance doesn't cover it or if you choose not to make time for a supporters group, just stop blaming others. Every time I hear police say we need to investigate longer to find the kingpin, I snap back the CIA, DEA, Customs and the International Police are having dinner with them as we speak. Long-term investigations are nothing more than job security.

Teachers are not parents, babysitters, psychiatrist or police officers. But they choose to do it all anyway. It is time everybody stops passing the buck in pre-pairing our youth for and against the real world. It is also time we realize our youth have a much better perception of our world than we give them credit for. We make the mistake of expecting them to act like adults and then we criticize them for doing just that. Our kids see parents blaming each other and using kids as pawns in divorces, corrupt police, politicians, CEO's, teachers, sports figures, celebrities all adults. They see and suffer the injustice of the poor, uneducated, under privileged, independent thinkers, minorities and those who just dress and act different. They are surrounded by adults who say do as I say, not as I do. We ask them to lead by example. Our kids do lead by the example we set as leaders.

Stop blaming drug dealers. We have been arresting drug dealers for supplying drug users for more than forty years. That makes as much sense as arresting farmers for supplying grocery stores. As long as people choose to eat there will be farmers and grocery stores. As long as people choose to use drugs there will be drug dealers. We can live without drugs, so lets start working on the real problem. Stop the drug users who choose to invite and support the drug dealers. It is time to stop doing everything we have been doing for the past 4 plus decades because it hasn't worked. It is time to stop passing the buck. Lets start working together, lead by example. Be the adults we want our youth to become. It starts with parents taking responsibility for their children and the rest of us just being human beings. Be part of the solution stop passing the buck. Does anybody get it yet or is it just too simple for our complex brains?

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