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Rapid Drug Test Systems®
A division of JMB Enterprises Inc.
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Rapid Drug Test Systems® New Drug & Alcohol Testing Business Start-ups are Unmatched!

Rapid Drug Test Systems
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RDTS Trainer, Mentor & Consultant is an Industry Expert Since 1982 in:
·         Law enforcement Consulting
·         Commercial Drug Free Workplace Undercover  Investigator
·         Policy & Procedure Developer
·         Nationally Recognized Drug & Alcohol Collection Provider
·         New and Struggling Drug & Alcohol Business Expert.

RDTS only qualifies 12 new business clients each year. We do not conduct on-line or mass classroom initial trainings. All trainings are conducted at RDTS Head Quarters in Upstate NY. The 3-day training will provide:
·         No extra or Surprise Expenses/Fees or Limitations
·         Full Federal DOT compliant 49 CFR part 40 Drug Certification
·         Full Federal DOT compliant 49 CFR part 40 Alcohol Certification
·         Non DOT / Forensic  Collection Certification
·         Instant Product Certification
·         Train the Trainer Certification
·         Supervisor Certification
·         Policy & Procedure Development
·         Full Support by Phone. Skype/ Go to Meeting, Text and E-Mail
·         Live On Call Assistance with client Negotiations / Sales Interviews
·         All Business Required Forms, Power Points, Letters, Flyers etc,.
·         RDTS Template Website personalized For Each New Business
·         Lowest wholesale National Lab & MRO All Inclusive Pricing
·         Networking With National TPA’s (Third Party Administrators)
·         And Much More!

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