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Rapid Drug Test Systems® New Drug & Alcohol Teting Business Opportunity Scholarships

Rapid Drug Test Systems
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Anyone can become a business owner and make money. Not everyone can be a true dug testing entrepreneur. Being a true drug testing entrepreneur can’t be taught. Being a true drug testing entrepreneur is who you are, what motivates and drives you, not what you know or how much money you have or make.
There is no written test to pass to be qualified to be an RDTS new business client. RDTS interviews hundreds of people to find just 12 qualified new drug testing business opportunity clients each year.
There are consistent questions, beliefs and actions that come naturally to entrepreneurs. The same is true for average business owners, struggling business owners and failed business owners. RDTS has interviewed and worked with all of the above. Businesses don’t succeed or fail. The owner dictates the final destiny of their business.
RDTS disqualifies potential new drug & alcohol testing business inquiries during the first interview if future success isn’t obvious. When RDTS decides to go forward with you, you can trust that RDTS sees positive potential in you and will offer scholarships during the first interview.  As you continue to ask the right questions and show examples of professionalism, scholarships will continue to be applied with a total amount decided by the third interview. Scholarships usually total thousands in start-up savings.
Call to see if you qualify to become a successful RDTS entrepreneur in a growing industry.

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