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Rapid Drug Test Systems®
A division of JMB Enterprises Inc.
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Rapid Drug Test Systems® Qualifies True Drug & Alcohol Testing Entrepreneurs

Rapid Drug Test Systems
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RDTS Entrepreneurs own their business name, clients and are free to work anywhere in the USA. RDTS Entrepreneurs are free to diversify and work with any sub-contractors, vendors and suppliers they choose without asking permission. RDTS Entrepreneurs are free to advertise and market their businesses as desired. RDTS drug & alchol testing Entrepreneurs are free to diversify at will.

Are you an Entrepreneur or an Employee?
Franchisor = Employer while Franchisees = Employees!  Franchisees pay royalties on all income and pay for limited territories. Franchisees never own the name or clients. When a franchisee contract expires everything they worked for reverts back to the Franchise. Some franchisees pay 7% - 9% royalties on estimated earnings that may never be realized. Franchisees must work within franchise guidelines and must get written approval from the franchisor to make any decision not spelled out in their one size fits all Agreement/Contract.

Rapid Drug Test Systems® Entrepreneurs are qualified by their potential to succeed not simply their ability to pay royalties. RDTS only Qualifies 12 new druh & alcohol business ENTREPRENEURS each year.

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