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The "WAR ON DRUGS" is now a more than 40 year consistent failure or is it? The war on drugs is more than 40 years old with no end in sight. 40 plus  years later drugs are much more plentiful and the quality or potency is tremendously higher the dollars in selling it and fighting it are in the trillions (Job Security). Certainly if evaluated as a business a great success for all. In terms of a war it is the longest most costly war with the highest acceptable collateral damage (civilian casualties) in our nations history. If the 40 year year war continues as it has and there is no reason to believe it won't, we will keep doing what we've been doing and we will keep getting more of the same. The future will inevitably bring more drugs, crime, civilian casualties and job security for all involved in the "WAR ON DRUGS".

Prisoners of war, kidnap victims and victims of long periods of isolation from the truth all suffer similar false perceptions. Like long-term cult members isolated from outside influences we the citizens of the greatest nation in the world have somehow come to misunderstand the literal definition of some of the most common terms used. Public servant is the most common example. Many public servants truly believe they are elected or empowered to tell the citizens how to serve them. I speak to hundreds of citizens each month who truly believe they are powerless to suggest that their public servant is there to serve their constituents.

I always think about the circus elephant believing that it is powerless against the tiny chain holding its ankle. The voters of the greatest nation in the world have completely forgotten the power of the term "for the people by the people". The average citizen truly believes like the elephant they have no free will. We somehow came to believe that we the public must serve the public servant (the tiny chain) that we allow to hold us from achieving our goals. Thus the myth or victims misperception of the definition public servant.

For the past 24 years I have claimed to be a citizen crime and drug fighter. I enlisted law enforcement agencies 1,500 miles away from home to help me fight crime and drugs at home. Why? I thought because law enforcement from 1,500 miles away had a different outlook on fighting crime and drugs. The reality is they did. As an indirect result they also boosted their ability to secure more money to extend their long-term investigations and secure their never-ending war on drugs. All is fare in love and war. Love of job security and the justification of more funding for the drug war in their own town. You can get help anywhere but home, no matter where home is.

The real war has always been with law enforcement, politicians and the media who thrive on the "WAR ON DRUGS". The real war also has been with the citizens who refuse to brake out of the victim mentality. Like long time victims of kidnapping and cult seclusion from the truth the citizens like the circus elephant are reluctant to snap that tiny chain that holds them from success. Success will only benefit the citizens (acceptable collateral damage). That's right we the people are acceptable collateral damage in this never-ending war. Only "we the people for the people" can and should take back and redefine the "War on Drugs".

Mike Levine, best selling author of DEEP COVER a compelling account of how DEA infighting, incompetence and subterfuge lost us the biggest battle of the drug war. Michael Levine served a 25 year career as one of this nations most highly decorated undercover "WAR ON DRUGS" DEA agents. Michael Levine continues as a citizen advocate, consultant and best selling author of "FIGHT BACK" How to Take Back Your Neighborhood, Schools and Families from the DRUG DEALER. Michael Levine is just one of many citizens (rogue elephants) that snapped the tiny chain of misperception of being powerless to express his free will and challenge the "WAR ON DRUGS" concept. While several major cities enjoy success with "FIGHT BACK" none have fully achieved full success by overcoming resistance from local and state law enforcement, politicians and media.

Going into my 25th year of fighting. Mike Levine has pledged his personal help. The question is not how to fight crime and drugs. Mr. Levine and I share fifty years of combined experience in defeating drug dealers and hardened criminals. Defeating drug dealers is a walk in the park for any neighborhood, school or family using the "FIGHT BACK" solution. The real war is convincing the citizens to snap those tiny self-imposed chains and start commanding their public servants to start serving their constituents instead of their future grants and self-interest (job Security) the continued "WAR ON DRUGS".

So I continue to invite the media, law enforcement and politicians to join me in eliminating all drug related activity in our neighborhoods, schools and families. I for one will not accept being considered acceptable collateral damage in a prolonged needless "WAR ON DRUGS". I am willing to risk finding job security in making sure the problem doesn't return in my community and joining Michael Levine and others in mentoring those who have the courage to snap those tiny chains that prevent them from being the most powerful participants in the greatest nation in the world.

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