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-Georges Beranos, "Why Freedom?" (1995) Local Media, Law Enforcement and Politicians have not responded to press releases, radio talk shows, or personal invitations anouncing the citizen & community "Fight Back' Solution.
The Press and Sun Bulliten of Broome County, NY suggested the research, Yet Will Not Inform It's Readers That a Response is Availible

The first step is to open our minds, believe in our fight and be absolutely committed for the right reasons. The second step is to be realistic in our goals. One citizen has silently influenced masses.

Wars easily won: The government fought Organized Crime with long-term investigations for many years. This approach netted headlines and little more. Then John Gotti became a thorn that couldn't be ignored and guess what? The Government decided to end Organized Crime, as we knew it and it ended. It's that simple. Recently a Judge sentenced a child molester to 60 days and rehab. It became a public issue and guess what? He changed the sentence. It's that simple. There are lawyers fighting to free prisoners on death row who are without question innocent. Occasionally 60 minutes gets a case in front of the nation and guess what? A death row prisoner becomes free. It's that simple. A Large clothing manufacturer promoted shirts displaying sexist slogans. A handful of young women immediately protested and within weeks every media source covered their outrage and the slogans disappeared. It's that Simple.

We know the majority of drug users are white and employed. We know that a person's first experience with drugs is much younger than ever before. We also know that it is a friend, relative or fellow employee who introduces the first drug offer in school, at a party or at work. Never has a multi-million dollar Columbian drug dealer met and introduced an American child, street addict or working class citizen to a $10.00 bag of weed or a $30.00 dollar line of cocaine.

Ok hang on; remember open minds and specific goals. Things successful people and businesses don't do. They don't willingly subject their bodies or their businesses to drugs and drug users. They also won't do anything to cut off or jeopardize their source of income. They also won't let others do it to them. Research, rehabilitation & treatment centers, law enforcement task forces, research committees all create jobs and encourage continued grants and other funding. Where is the incentive to solve problems? There are none. They do however have to show enough success to create more funding for more research and on and on. Long-term investigations aid and abet criminal enterprises to grow faster and larger than the capacity of these taskforces and committees are able to control them.

My Story and Successes: Winning the war is ridiculously simple.

In 1982 I brought a tape to the Binghamton, New York FBI office. The tape was a mafia lawyer threatening my mother. The message; "If your husband continues to seek legal and media help to recover his business, he will be jeopardizing your life along with the lives of your children. Do you understand what I am telling you? Yes you are threatening to kill my children and me. You are a smart women talk to your husband."

My fathers business was embezzled by the local Mob. I was born in 1957, the same year the famed Apalachin meeting was raided only 10 or so miles from where I was born. The FBI agent said son we know all about this. We have been investigating these guys since 1957 the year you were born. We are not about to jeopardize 25 years of time, manpower and money for one business. He said tell your father to forget his loses and get on with his life and your father won't get your mother sister and you killed.

I spent several days having every level of law enforcement and political influence in New York State explain, solving the problem would jeopardize next years budgets and years of long-term investigative efforts. I decided to take a lesson from growing up in a family business. The boss is always responsible for his employee's actions. The mobster/acting boss of this mob family was semi retired in Florida.

I got into my car and drove to Florida. At approx 10:00 a.m. the morning after arriving in Florida, I walked into the Hollywood Police Department and asked for the person who could introduce me to the organized crime investigator. At approximately 11:30 a.m., I was at Denny's having coffee with a sheriff and by 2 p.m. the same day I was at the Ft Lauderdale State Attorney's office meeting with FBI, Sheriffs and State Attorney along with Organized Crime Agents. Within 48 hours, I was finger printed had a lie detection test, a security background check and was on three payrolls and the lead in an undercover sting operation. It was that simple. Florida law enforcement was also frustrated with upstate New York Agencies who were protecting their interest in long-term investigations. One citizen can make a difference!

I spent the next three years posing as an organized crime drug dealer between Florida, Nevada, California, Arizona, Connecticut and my home in Binghamton, New York. My job was to oversee the embezzling of local businesses for drug money. I oversaw more than $100,000,000, (one hundred million dollars) worth of drugs smuggled to, from and throughout my hometown. Businesses, schools, and families all targeted and devastated in the name of long term investigations. It was that simple.

Criminals, drug dealers and drug users are not smart by any definition. The fight has always been against law enforcement, political agendas and protecting the funding. Citizens like my father were acceptable collateral damage. Thousands of businesses and citizens were victimized, before my father and during my three years undercover operation and after my father, from 1957 through 1989. The organized crime trials I instigated never mentioned drugs or the people I targeted for embezzling and threatening my family. All protected to insure future investigations. Still 24 years later in 2006 I am meeting people who are clearly considered acceptable collateral damage. I spoke to a close friend of a mother and daughter dieing of cancer. They had their well water checked and found it was contaminated by a near by meth Lab. Law enforcement admitted knowing about it for 5 years and warned them not to alert their neighbors and friends. It was explained; we don't want you to jeopardize all the time and money we have invested in this long-term investigation.

Drugs and Crime of the 1960's -Vs- Today: Marijuana, Meth, Cocaine, LSD, Acid drug cartels, organized crime and gangs all existed in the sixties. The gangs of yesterday were labeled movements. "Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll an Era of Expression". Today, sex kills and children use sex as currency. Today Meth has several names and levels of purity and added environmental hazards associated with it. Cocaine is not only snorted, it is now smoked and/or injected. Marijuana is altered and much more harmful. Everything else is still being used but now we have X, Oxi, Ice, Cheese and dozens of sophisticated cocktails of synthetic designer drugs. Today drug purity is much higher and the age of first time users is much lower. A first time drug user is approximately.10 years old. Gangs today have multi-million dollar enterprises with ruthless socially detached gun carrying child murderers and have overwhelmed all levels of law enforcement, politics and commerce.

Public Servants: Who Serves Whom? During the sixties citizens had sit-ins, marched and protested to influence politics. Local governments and municipalities were funded by local taxes with a very small percentage of funding coming from the government. Many families were intact and largely single income. Even in households with two working parents and single parent homes negative out side influences, media and visual entertainment had much higher moral and social content. Communities were much more familiar and interactive.

Today local agencies are dependent on trickle down government agenda's and funding. Long-term investigations stifle independent local action. Every aspect of law enforcement is dependent on cooperation from the overall goal to catch the big fish. This type of goal setting and trickle down funding put small communities in a low priority status (acceptable collateral damage). Citizen complaints are put aside for the bigger score.

-Georges Beranos, "Why Freedom?" (1995)

Citizens are told to be patient. Let law enforcement do its thing. It will take time to gather information usually two, three or in some cases up to ten years. Citizens unknowingly live in homes and neighborhoods contaminated by toxic waste from Meth Labs. Children are exposed to countless volumes of drugs targeted for sale at local schools. Businesses are embezzled on many fronts. Employees using drugs are tardy or frequently absent. They are more likely to steal to support their own habit or pressured to steal for their suppliers. When employees are under the influence they are a safety hazard and a negative influence on production, quality and other employees.

Citizens are no longer working and paying taxes to receive public services as defined in the sixties. Police cars no longer proudly display the slogan "To Serve and Protect". They do however serve and protect their budgets and long-term goals. Today it is the citizens who are the public servants. Taxpayers are expected to cooperate and tolerate long-term investigations that net more drugs, crime, community and personal harm than results. When do we say the end no longer justifies the means? When do we decide no family, child, senior citizen or property is worth the elusive long-term goal? When will we see the infamous king pin of king pins doesn't exist. The goal has never been realized in the history of the three-decade (30 Year) war on drugs.

I have spent the last twenty-four years as a neighborhood, community, landlord and business drug prevention consultant. For the past seven years I have been traveling across our nation as a federal drug test certification trainer for drug and alcohol testing. In my drug testing facility I interview approx two hundred citizens a month.

I have always known of Michael Levine one of our nations most decorated narcotics agents. As best selling author of Deep Cover and Fight Back, Mr. Levine tells about twenty-plus years of deep undercover ordeals with politics, bureaucracy as well as his numerous successes in cleaning up some of New York's busiest drug infested streets.

Upon reading Mike Levine's books I realized that many of our experiences in dealing with law enforcement, crime and drug prevention consulting have many similarities. In hindsight all my neighborhood drug clean-up successes were based on tactics straight from Mr. Levines book. Mike Levine's, Fight Back Plan is successful in many communities across the country.

Is the time right? Are conditions and citizens of upstate New York outraged and ready to make the Fight Back Plan effective? On May 2, 2006 I will announce and attempt to mobilize upstate citizens to take back our neighborhoods, schools and families from the drug dealers.

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