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What exactly is a Narc, Snitch or a Rat?
To a criminal it is anyone who tells the authorities, enemies and victims about their illegal or dishonest activities. It is someone who tells on others to divert attention away from what they are doing or to benefit by eliminating other dishonest competitors. A snitch could be likened to the pot calling the kettle black.

Why is it your Civic Duty?
As an honest taxpayer or American citizen what other choice would you have? Your taxes are like a pre-paid insurance policy that provides you with 911 services. Your tax dollars pay law enforcers' salaries to be on hand to serve you in the event of criminal altercations. Any action other than calling your public servants and giving them any and all information would be un-American. It is your civic, moral and ethical duty and your right to report and assist your public servants in aiding you in your time of need. It is also the reason hundreds of thousands of soldiers put their lives on the line each day and through out history. To be ashamed or refuse to report criminal activity and not inform law enforcement and even insist that law enforcement follow-up is to disrespect all American service men and women. Never allow law enforcement to tell you that you are accecptable collateral damage or that your problem is not important. Never accept no and never take the law into your own hands.

What about Whistleblowers and Internal Affairs?
Why don't we celebrate these people? In my opinion a cop or any person who knowingly turns his or her head when another cop or co-worker commits a crime is just as criminally responsible as the person committing the illegal act. Internal affairs investigators should be glorified for bringing pride and respectability to your profession and providing you with a safe work place. Whistleblowers should be given huge bonuses for protecting their businesses, communities, fellow workers, citizens and the bottom line in whatever corruption they are exposing.

What should we be teaching our children?
I believe in teaching and practicing the following. I always stay clear of anyone who worries about snitches. This tells me they have something to hide or may be involved with something unethical or illegal. I tell my children and grandchildren that honest law abiding citizens have no choice other than to use any and all legal options made available to them through our legal system. Even civil disobedience while illlegal should be a last resort & can be implemented effectively. Two wrongs never make a right.

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