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Legalize or Decriminalize Marijuana?

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Cigarettes and Alcohol are Legal: Cigarettes and alcohol cause countless deaths every day in the US. According to Government and medical studies alcohol is the cause of millions of fatal car crashes and cirrhosis of the liver in millions more. Cigarettes cause cancer for the actual smoker and for the non-smoker including birth defects in unborn children through second hand smoke. Marijuana: Like cigarettes Marijuana is inhaled and causes cancer for the smoker, non-smoker and birth defects for the unborn. Marijuana unlike cigarettes is more harmful due to the way it is used. Marijuana is inhaled two to three times deeper than cigarettes and held in the lungs much longer, amplifying all the effects of smoking in general. Unlike cigarettes, Marijuana causes additional harm to the body.

Additional Effects of Marijuana: Impairs motor & coordination skills, diminished mental capacity, i.e. loss of concentration, agitation, elevated blood pressure, pulse and respiration, impaired memory function, upper respiratory tract and sinus infections, brain damage, increased appetite. Marijuana alters the reproductive system of males and females and will negatively effect virtually every part of your body i.e., organs, glands and immune system.

Additional Dangers of Marijuana: The effects of Marijuana last from ten days to eleven weeks depending on frequency of use. Alcohol will burn off or leave your system in hours for one night of drinking. You will be a danger on the road at work and to yourself, others and unborn children for a minimum of ten days for one night use of Marijuana.

Benefits of Decriminalizing or Legalizing Marijuana: Employers will be able to hire many more applicants. The entire medical industry will prosper in every field from paramedics and emergency rooms with accidents, premature and complicated births and numerous other complications due to Marijuana use. Drug research development and treatment for Marijuana addiction and rehabilitation in addition to the already legal alcohol and tobacco issues. Drug dealers will be able to openly distribute their Heroin and Cocaine to users by lacing the legal substance and handing it over without looking suspicious. Politicians and law enforcement will have new distractions and platforms to raise more money to start new programs, committees and think tanks to promote more ideas how to get the publics mind off the failures of the past.

Facts: We have seen for decades that corporate greed and politics place profit above public health and safety. Even with congressional hearings, multimillion dollar fines, penalties and bands on targeting our nations youth, It still happens. The youth of America are being targeted and slowly killed. The legalization of Marijuana and other drugs serve no purpose other than corporate and political greed.

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