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Human Resources -V- Drug Testing
NYS DHHS Non Regulation -V- ?
Law Enforcement -V- Solving Crime
School Administrators -V- Protecting Students

I have been a successful anti crime and drug traffic fighter / advocate since 1982. As a nationally recognized Federal DOT drug and alcohol certification train the trainer and collector. I worked under cover with Federal, State and County law enforcement agencies posing as an organized crime drug dealer and business embezzler. I have also spent many years since as a consultant in crime prevention, profit-loss, neighborhood drug traffic and pre-intervention education.

Over the past ten years as Operations Manager of a nationally recognized drug and alcohol collection and training facility I have witnessed the consistent conflict between HR, Law enforcement and schools dealing with the drug and alcohol industry.

Human Resource professionals have honestly confessed their frustration of meeting hiring goals in my community each time they apologize for taking their business to a competitor known for assuring all pre-employment drug testing will be negative. My employer has lost some of the nations largest clients because HR people are able to meet their hiring quotas by taking their business elsewhere. We are too " BY THE BOOK". That's right we lose work because we do it right. We have several competitors who refuse to follow collection procedures for the simple fact HR professionals will search for another provider who will guarantee negative results. I have always thought drug and alcohol programs should be under the authority of safety / profit and loss departments affected by problems caused by employees under the influence.

NYS Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) the regulator who oversees collection facilities absolutely and outright refuses to address this issue of non-compliance. I have reported and complained for several years each time we lose an account or are told of the confessions of a potential employee who decides not to follow through with the drug test only after being told it will be with our facility. Potential employees know the facilities that do not check ID or Temperature of the specimen etc.

Dr. Jenny from NYS DHHS once said he didn't have the budget or staff to enforce the rules. With at least ten of fifteen noncompliant facilities in my local area alone, I suggested a $0.42 stamp and notice of a one or two thousand dollar fine would certainly support the cost of violation notices. Then we have politics. When one of the nations largest employers suggested NY collectors use a device which clearly does not meet, NY State collection requirements the DHHS simply made a special consideration for medical facilities to be exempt from the laws independent facilities are bound by. Yet again many facilities are using this noncompliant device and NYS DHHS turns a blind eye. Dr. Jenny actually told me in a phone conversation to go ahead and use this non compiant device. He would not put that in writing. So we worte the NYS DHHS about that phone conversation and gave them the opportunty to tell us not to go ahead with the use of the device. We installed the device for a few months only for the nations largest employer to prove NYS DHHS had no intensions of enforceing the rules as promised verbaly. Enforcement and compliance are a conflict with saving jobs. In other words the rules and laws only apply when it serves a political agenda.

Law Enforcement is quite simple, short and sweet. I started my career of fighting crime and drug traffic when my family business was, embezzled by organized crime drug dealers. Well actually when I was told by an FBI agent that protecting the criminals that were under investigation for 25 years at that point was more important than my family business or the lives of my family. Yes I was told we were acceptable collateral damage in the game of long-term investigations.

I have been undermining law enforcement efforts to protect drug dealers and gangsters ever since. I even have the support of world famous former DEA agent and best selling author Mike Levine. Mr. Levine republished his book Fight Back and credits me in the Forward. Let me close by challenging any law enforcement official to debate me publicly about how I can end drug trafficking in any neighborhood and why Law enforcement, politicians and media refuse to address my successes. ANSWER: NO CRIME & NO DRUG DEALERS - NO BUDGETS AND NO JOB SECURITY. It really is that simple and it is our fault for letting our public servants dictate how they will serve the public / taxpayers. Long Term Investigations suggest that two wrongs will make a right. Selling drugs, aiding and assisting criminals for years is something no law enforcement official wants to debate with me. Law enforcement is afraid they may have to admit that proven Fight Back solutions that deter drug users, dealers and gangs will NOT JEOPARDIZE budgets and job security. Law enforcement is afraid they may not have a future in a drug, crime and violence free community. They are too short sighted to realize such a community might grow in over all population, jobs, traffic, and increase local incomes and tax revenue which would naturally provide them with more job security than they ever imagined.

School Administrators: perhaps the most insidious, despicable self-serving of all. One superintendent of schools actually said, I have a 3-S rule. I don't care if these kids are sleeping, stupid or stoned. I only care about how many Butts are in the seats. He then continued by saying I don't think you understand that kids are incidental to the business of education. I will not let you tell the PTA/ PTO the truth about the drug problem in my middle school or high school and chance losing their kids. We are financed by, the number of children enrolled in the school. This is the same superintendent who recently tried to have a mother arrested and did have a young man arrested who helped a friend prove her 5 year old was not safe in one of his schools. The school has a list of people allowed to pick-up certain high-risk kids from school. This child's father was being released from prison and had been threatening for years to kidnap the child and take him out of the country once released. The school had an order from the courts, a photo of the man and a policy in place for several children considered high-risk. The mother complained several times the school had not been checking ID's as the fathers time for release grew nearer. On at least three occasions school personnel called the mother to ask if there was an order and photo. The mother frustrated with the lack of communication and the continued non compliance with the schools own policy decided to send a friend to pick her son up from school. The friend closely resembled the father. The man was asked for ID only because this was a fresh issue. The school released the child to him after he claimed to have forgotten his ID and the child being asked if the man was indeed Chris, a name that was on the list replied he is Terrence and was released even though the name Terrance was not on the list. No ID was presented and the child did not identify the man taking him was who he claimed to be. When the child was returned to the school more than an hour later the teacher had no clue the child had left the building. His coat and bag were still in the classroom. The teacher told the mother she thought her son was at recess or lunch.

The superintendent returned the mothers call while I was present. She immediately put him on speaker and asked him to re identify himself. He did and then started condemning her for challenging his security and claiming she endangered the whole school and broke the law by her actions. He insisted he was not interested in her side of the story and added you will pay for trying to find fault with my school. The next day a sheriff deputy interviewed the mother at my office then her boyfriend who was the approved person to pick up the child and the day after that the man who actually removed the child from the school on behalf of the mother was arrested and is scheduled to speak to a prosecuting DA. The message is loud and clear TRY TO PROTECT YOUR CHILD AND YOU WILL BE ARRESTED. Our local Channel 34 News did their usual fine job of, making the school look good and downplaying the entire matter while the other news outlets found no interest at all. This is common in media and schools nation wide. DARE, DAMADD, SADD and other feel good programs are all funded programs that count on failing our students in order to increase and ensure next years budgets. School administrators have no incentive to tell the truth if it will tarnish the schools reputation and funding. At our drug testing facility we are seeing an increase in 12-15 year old drug users and even hardcore addicts. Not one parent of these troubled kids knew their child's school had a problem. Actually many of them are very involved with the schools and their childrens activities. If moving to a new community the last place to ask questions is with the Fox guarding the henhouse. Go to the local diner or beauty parlor, barbershop or even a local meeting for recovering addicts and get the real scoop from locals who are not trying to sell themselves, protect their jobs or profit from your ignorance or at the expence / safety of your children.

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