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Aiding The Enemy / Killing Our Youth, Businesses & Communities

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EXAMPLE: 3 men move to area selling approx. $1,000 to $1,500 a week in drugs to 10 regular customers all selling to 10 or more customers. One gets arrested and becomes an informant. Law enforcement watches this group grow into 6 out of town dealers working with 50 regular customers selling to 10 or more customers $5,000 to $7,500 a week for two years. 3 of the 50 get arrested. Law enforcement then watches this group grow from approx. 50 dealers with a combined 500 customers grow yet again and again. Finally a major drug bust. 30 maybe 50 drug dealers busted with $200,000 dollars in cash and drugs. Then we start all over watching the rest of the group that started with 3 dealers and 10 customers who are now spread all over the community making new contacts. Starting new watching hundreds of dealers with 10 or more customers each. Group sales $100,000 a week and growing for a couple of years and on. Question?? Show me how letting 3 dealers grow for several years benefits the community. How many families, businesses and children have been devastated while we sit back and gather information for several years? How many police officers and innocent people are killed by drug dealers that could have been arrested or influenced to deal somewhere else.

My Story and Suggestions:

In 1982 I brought a tape of a mafia lawyer threatening my mother to my local FBI office. The message " if your husband goes to 60 minutes he will be jeopardizing your life along with your children. Do you understand what I am telling you? Yes you are threatening to kill my children and me. You are a smart women talk to your husband.

My fathers business was embezzled by the local Mob. I was born in 1957. The same year the Apalachin Meeting was raided only 10 or so miles from were I was born. The FBI agent said son we know all about this. We have been investigating these guys since 1957 the year you were born. We are not about to jeopardize 25 years of time and money for one business. He said tell your father not to go on 60 minutes and your father won't get your mother sister and you killed.

I spent several days having every level of law enforcement and political influence in New York State explain, solving the problem would jeopardize next years budgets. I decided to take a lesson from growing up in a family business. The boss is always responsible for his employee's actions. The mobster / acting boss of this mob family was semi retired in FL.

I got into my car and drove to Fla. At approx 10:00 am the morning after arriving in Florida, I walked into the Hollywood Police Department and asked for the person who could introduce me to the organized crime investigator. At approx 11:30 am I was at Denny's having coffee with a sheriff and by 2pm the same day I was at the Ft Lauderdale State Attorney's office meeting with FBI, Sheriffs and State Attorney Organized Crime Agents. Within 48 hrs I was finger printed had a lie detection test and security background check and was on three payrolls and the lead in an undercover sting operation. Florida law enforcement was also frustrated with upstate New York Agencies who were protecting their interest in long term investigations.

I spent the next three years posing as an organized crime drug dealer between FL, Nevada, CA, AZ, CT and my home in Binghamton, New York. My job was to oversee the embezzling of local businesses for drug money. I oversaw more than $100,000,000, (One hundred million dollars) worth of drugs smuggled to, from and throughout my hometown. Businesses, schools, families all targeted and devastated in the name of long term investigations. We could not get arrested if we wanted to.

When the investigations moved to New York I came out from undercover. Law enforcement hated and shunned me for informing or consulting my victims of the past three years. I was forcing them to prosecute and end 28 years of job security. Three years after that we had the 1989 - 1990 Organized Crime trials of Guinarri and Moscow and not one mention of drugs. Only a couple of washed up news worthy nobody's prosecuted. The mob was old news and the drug investigations went on.

I see today the same drug dealers I dealt with 24 years ago. Long term informants poisoning our youth under the protection of long term investigations. Gangs are established and growing not only in size but in diversity. We have several gangs and no one is talking about them. Not "HONESTLY" anyway. The public is kept in the dark and the schools, law enforcement and politicians all protect their self-interest and next year's budget. Solutions are still perceived as a threat.

WHAT IS THE ANSWER. Well I'm glad you asked. It is simple. Now that I have more than 35 years of long term experience in the field. I have concluded that I had the right solution after several weeks. Go to the source (The boss) and get help from people who have a vested interest and no conflict. Get the truth to the victims (The businesses, parents and youth.) With mire than 35 years of experience, credibility and personal success stories, I can show any parent, business, school, community leader how to motivate change and get results.

Drugs and crime are the malignant cancer. The community is the body. YOU YES YOU ARE THE DOCTOR. Law enforcement and politicians, school administrators are your staff. That's right. Public servants paid by your tax dollars to work for you. Paid by you to solve problems not to protect their own self interest and reputations and drug dealers who are killing your children, destroying your businesses and lowering your property values.

This country has investigated cancer for many years. Doctors don't need more time to figure out that taking out part of the tumor is useless. We know that arresting only the user or only the buyer or only the manufacturer is the same as taking only part of the tumor. Simple we don't need more information "Just get ride of it". Then follow up with preventative treatment. Make sure it doesn't come back or spread somewhere else in the body / community. We won't lose police officers we will find ways to secure our grants and budgets by preventing crime. What a concept. Preventative job security instead of primitive no problem no future fear.

Drug problems can be solved by loving your children enough to say, what I read doesn't make sense. It doesn't add up and your word is not good enough because after 35 years the problem is worse. You the adult can say no, you work for me so I will not stand by and let you condone continued crime for any reason. History is full of one man or one woman making a difference after his or her child died. Should we wait and gather more information until your child dies? I have proven that we know more than enough to save all our children. I know the power of one person opposing the status quo.

Ask yourself this question. Can or should DARE, DAMMAD, YESCAP and teachers replace a parent's influence? If you think that teachers, sport figures and organizations can or should prevent your child from doing drugs. Wake Up! Grow Up! Get Real! You are teaching your child that everybody else is responsible for everything. You had them. You take responsibility and You work with the teachers, DARE, and politicians. You do your job and make sure your tax dollars and your public servants do what you pay them to do.

That is to help you protect your children. Start by demanding that all law enforcement, politicians and educators are drug free. Hold your self and the adults in charge of protecting our children to the same standards. Teach by example and earn the trust of our youth. Behavior is learned in many ways. We all look back at some time and say, I sound like my mother or father or teacher. So will our children. What will they be referring to? Blaming others for there short comings or being proud of the way they took charge and made a difference?

Start NOW! Call 607-687-7612 and have me speak at your PTA, Chamber of Commerce or local radio or news outlet.

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