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I have been fighting druggies, drug dealers and crime since 1982 as a citizen crime fighter. I am not an activist or an anti government extremist. My career was forced on me in 1982 when I brought a tape of a mafia lawyer threatening my mother to my local FBI office. The message "if your husband goes to 60 minutes he will be jeopardizing your life along with your children. Do you understand what I am telling you? Yes you are threatening to kill my children and me. You are a smart women talk to your husband." My fathers business was embezzled by the local Mob. After being refused by the Bar Association and multiple levels of law enforcement my father wrote to and was answered by 60 minutes. I was born in 1957. The same year the famed Apalachin Mafia meeting was raided only 10 or so miles from were I was born. The FBI agent said son we know all about this. We have been investigating these guys since 1957 the year you were born. We are not about to jeopardize 25 years of time and money for one business. He said tell your father not to go on 60 minutes and your father won't get your mother sister and you killed.

I spent several days having every level of law enforcement and political influence in New York State explain, solving the problem would jeopardize next years budgets. I also got acquainted with the term acceptable collateral damage. I decided to take a lesson from growing up in a family business. The boss is always responsible for his employee's actions. The mobster / acting boss of this mob family was semi retired in FL.

I got into my car and drove to Fla. At approx 10:00 am the morning after arriving in Florida, I walked into the Hollywood Police Department and asked for the person who could introduce me to the organized crime investigator. At approx 11:30 am I was at Denny's having coffee with a sheriff and by 2pm the same day I was at the Ft Lauderdale State Attorney's office meeting with FBI, Sheriffs and State Attorney Organized Crime Agents. Within 48 hrs I was finger printed had a lie detection test and security background check and was on three payrolls and the lead in an undercover sting operation. Florida law enforcement was also frustrated with upstate New York Agencies who were protecting their interest in long-term investigations.

I spent the next three years posing as an organized crime drug dealer between FL, Nevada, CA, AZ, CT and my home in Binghamton, New York. My job was to oversee the embezzling of local businesses for drug money. I oversaw more than $100,000,000, (One hundred million dollars) worth of drugs smuggled to, from and throughout my hometown. Businesses, schools, families all targeted and devastated in the name of long term investigations. We could not get arrested if we wanted to. When the organized crime trials were held between 1989 and 1990 there was not one single mention of drugs. In a subsequent trial known as the evidence tampering trials of Troop C of the Sidney, NY State Police there was also no mention of drugs. In both trials a handful of news worthy expendable fall guys were prosecuted and hundreds of millions of dollars in drug related crime was ignored.

Long-term investigations have been the big lie for as long as the business of crime fighting has been allowed to grow and prosper throughout US crime fighting history. Best selling authors like Mike Levine, Joe Douglass Jr. and countless others have written about their personal experiences and knowledge with similar obstacles in fighting crime and drugs in America. I have spoken to both, Mr. Dougllass and I am currently promoting Mike Levine's "Fight Back" Plan. The book "Fight Back" How to Take Back Your Neighborhood, Schools and families from the Drug Dealers is a plan that works without exception with any scenario imaginable. Law enforcement would have us believe long- term investigations are imperative in catching the kingpins. Mike Levine was eating dinner with the kingpins while employed by the DEA. We know who and where all the kingpins are and how to get them. Even if we did the war would still go on. We have enough home grown and manufactured drugs to keep our No Win War going for 40 more years. Getting the drug dealers and the drug king pins is just propaganda necessary to distract the American people from the real enemy. The users and our ignorance coupled with apathy are the real problem. The drug user is the one we need to rehabilitate and conquer. As long as there is a demand drug dealers will fill it. That is in a nutshell the infallible blueprint in the business of this 40 year failed war on drugs. Protect the user at all cost and go after the endless drug dealers and the war will succeed in achieving the ultimate Win -Win for those who make a living off it.

Why else would the media, law enforcement and politicians refuse to acknowledge Fight Back nation wide. Every attempt to adopt Fight Back has been met with consistent opposition from law enforcement, media and political influence even though and especially when it eliminates drug dealers almost overnight. During my 3 years working undercover I had many acquaintances in political and law enforcement positions. For the past 21 years as a citizen drug and drug related crime prevention consultant I have many law enforcement and political supporters who will deny to their deaths that they support "Fight Back". It has been explained over and over the success of Fight Back would be the end of crime fighting, rehabilitation, and drug company budgets and endless grants. Solving the drug problem is one of the biggest threats to the War on Drugs lie.

The War on Drugs is a trillion dollar business with corruption, situational ethics, plain old fashion politics and greed all the way to the top of government. On a lower level people are drug users. The job is only a title that people have from 9-5. So if you want to solve the problem by using people we have additional obstacles called blackmail, job protection, public image and self-preservation. Every drug dealer in my community can implicate someone directly or indirectly crucial to the Fight Back against drug dealers ie, the son, daughter, friend, relative or influential businessman with friends or fellow users in all levels of society to give up. I have experienced two things that speak volumes in our failure to become drug free. First police officers, doctors, businessmen and lawyers etc. who are manipulated because they are threatened with being exposed for using a single marijuana joint on weekends. The second was my ability while working undercover to blackmail or embezzle any person or business without exception once we found so much as a minimal drug user who would do anything to anybody to protect his or her dealer, job or reputation.

During the past 20 plus years our drug testing business has seen an alarming increase in middle school, Jr. High and high school kids testing positive for hard drugs. The gangs are soliciting our youth with the experience of seasoned corporate marketers. Bureaucracy, ignorance, reluctance to jeopardize reputations, budgets, apathy and the risk of losing precious votes is leaving our children defenseless against the street smart gangs who are protected by this business we call the War on Drugs. A war that has thrived four decades created more civilian casualties than all the wars in American history. A no win war that has labeled it's youth and all citizens acceptable collateral damage of the most profitable business with a growth potential that has the ability to make the United? States of America fall to its knees. A war destroying our youth, communities and businesses while its losses support terrorism. Terrorism is largely funded by drug revenue! Losing the drug war is a victory for the terrorist.

The war on drugs can be won. Only we citizens can truly turn the tide of this 40 year failure. Mike Levine's "Fight Back" plan is the answer. "Fight Back" has been proven throughout the nation since its publication in 1991. We citizens need only bring it to the media in a way that can not be ignored and watch the enthusiasm of it's rapid, safe and inexpensive results completely eliminate drug dealers from our neighborhoods, schools and families spread.

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