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Wrong Mentor ~ Wrong Message

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Published by in Recovering, Addicts · 18 February 2018
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Recovering and recovered addicts, celebrities, sports figures etc. should mentor addicts and recovering addicts. There have been many studies that conclude, especially with youth the intended message does not get across. Our youth who have not yet been exposed to drugs should be mentored by successful people who fought adversity without surrendering to or are recovering from drug addiction. Rapid Drug Test Systems is not a fan of statistics and studies alone. RDTS worked with a former athlete who was speaking in schools. The students reported as we suspected and studies concluded. The message received, we can mess up be addicted to drugs, devastate our families, rob our bosses, go to prison or rehab and become a successful recovering mentor just like him. Many audiences never find out the majority of rehabilitating speakers are stoned while speaking, relapse and end up back in prison or rehabilitation programs. We have also listened to many recovering business professionals, movie and television stars address forums about recovery only to check into rehab or overdose within days of presenting their miracle recovery message while being under the influence of illegal narcotics.

Recovering is just that. It is not cured. For most hard drug users it is a lifetime struggle with relapses along the way. Rehabilitation is very similar to the war on drugs. It is a business that is designed to fail. Even with the best plans and efforts once out of rehab the chances of success are very slim. The key is after care and being surrounded by proper influences. Not many family, friends and daily acquaintances ever join an after care program to help the person who will be relying on follow-up support after their program ends. When released back into the arms of genuinely loving, caring and well meaning untrained family and friends (otherwise referred to as past and now future enablers). It usually isn't long before the cycle repeats itself or a new addiction begins.

Rehab and fighting drug addiction isn't rocket science to those who don't make a living from it. It is just common sense. Knowledgeable support, tough love, selfless devotion and commitment to the loved one in need. At age 12, 22, or 52 substance abusers share the lack of: maturity & life skills to make wise choices, take personal responsibility or have the ability to appreciate the feelings of friends and loved ones. They have to be raised all over again. Many believe the longer the addiction the longer the recovery. Even short-term addiction to drugs like cocaine, heroin and meth can require a lifetime recovery process.

Drug dealers will always be around to supply a fallen user. It is imperative that we deal with our users in order to rid our communities of drug dealers. It is also imperative that we the caretakers are educated and selflessly committed to our fallen loved ones otherwise they are doomed to relapse. If you are not prepared to do whatever it takes please don't push them off on our unexposed youth to deliver the wrong message. Learn how to support them without endangering others. Active and recovering users are in dire need of unconditional parenting, tough love, constant guidance, selfless concern and real treatment.

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