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The Citizens Business Plan for Anti Drug Dealer Solution

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Published by in Solutions · 18 February 2018
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#1 Fighting Drug Dealers #2 Being A Drug Dealer #3 Conquering Drug Dealers
Prohibition and legalization are two complete extremes that get a lot of media attention because both will create big business, decease, addiction and corruption which in short is job security. Our public servants have found the profit in keeping the general population ignorant, scared and dependant. "Fight Back" is proven to be a common sense solution that threatens those who profit from this countries apathy. "Fight Back" was declared "the only drug plan ever to come out of America that made any sense" by the Swedish Carnegie Institute, the plan unlike the $1 trillion war on drugs-has proven itself effective wherever employed. Mike Levine and crime prevention expert Mike Bonventre's challenge continues to be: "Give us the worst drug blighted neighborhood with citizens willing to join together to Fight Back and we will give you a drug free community"

#1 Fighting Drug Dealers: The 4 decade old war on drugs is a multi-trillion dollar business. The war on drugs quickly developed into a business plan that would succeed even if it failed. This statement is documented in the NY Times best selling book DEEP COVER by Mike Levine, one of the most decorated agents in DEA history. Mike Levine is a court-qualified expert in narcotics trafficking, police instructor and host of NY's Expert Witness Radio Show.
When measured against standard business practice, a supply driven approach to fighting drugs is a guaranteed failure.

Business analysts agree supply and demand go hand and hand. In order to conquer one, you must eliminate the other. Today the government rewards law enforcement agencies with grants to fight drug dealers (supply). In order to be eligible for life sustaining government subsidies (cash flow), law enforcement must prove that a sufficient amount of drugs and drug related crime (demand) exist. Law enforcement must ignore the users and concentrate only on the dealers in order to secure the on going fight. Businesses fail everyday and they are replaced by new competitors every day. It is the same for drug dealers.

When a legitimate business fails, and a new one comes to town, there is a job fair. Ten times the number of applicants show up for the new positions. The same is true for drug dealers. In order to notify potential job applicants, businesses use the media to advertise. Law enforcement also uses the media to ensure new demand for ongoing life sustaining government subsidies (cash flow). Each time the media reports a major drug bust and list the number of people arrested and the amount of drugs by dollar value, they send a notice for new drug dealers. Example: Headline reads 59 busted over the past 60 days with $550,000.00 in Cocaine, Heroin, Meth, Marijuana and an additional $6,000.00 in cash, guns and automobiles in a two county, two state sting. The message to drug dealers is 59 jobs have opened with a value of $550,000.00 every 60 days. A guaranteed $3,300,0000.00 annual worth of drug users will soon be desperate to find suppliers to fill their addiction. I will explain in #2 how the business of drug dealing works. The message to citizens is a false sense that something good has been accomplished. I will explain in #3 how citizens conquer drug dealers.

The business of fighting drugs has never been about winning. This is apparent in every aspect of the four decade No-Win War on Drugs. JUST SAY NO, and almost all TV campaigns, were studied and determined by experts to encourage drug use. Four decades later the government spends millions on TV ads knowing they are promoting drug use. Non profit anti drug organizations are set up to raise revenue for continued programs proven to be counterproductive and are designed to cause competition with each other. DARE, SADD, DAMMAD, MAD, CRIME VICTIMS and others compete for their share of life sustaining government funds. None will work together for a solution for fear of losing their funding to the other. On occasion two non-profit organizations will complement each other for the mutual goal of raising funds on non-threatening strengths. Most are designed to promote continuing education, discussion and development of more discussion, education and funds. None emphasize conclusions or solutions which would end it's own existence.

Grants are not available for short-term solutions. Businesses and nonprofit organizations are not created to intentionally fail. This is a small example of the motivation and explanation of how and why the fight against drugs as lasted and prospered for four decades. This also explains why the no-win war on drugs is primed to go on for four more decades.

Many citizens and law enforcers who believe change is needed unfortunately may not fully understand the business and health hazards of legalization of drugs. Many think legalization is the answer. Legalization has the potential to be a new no-win disaster waiting to happen. A group called LEAP ~ Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. An excerpt from the LEAP web site "We current and former members of law enforcement have created a drug-policy reform movement -- LEAP. We believe that to save lives and lower the rates of disease, crime and addiction as well as to conserve tax dollars, we must end drug prohibition. LEAP believes that a system of regulation and control of production and distribution will be far more effective and ethical that one of prohibition. We do this in hopes that we in Law Enforcement can regain the public's respect and trust, which have been greatly diminished by our involvement in imposing drug prohibition". LEAP makes a great argument for change. They being current and former law enforcers have hit the failure of the war on drugs on the head. Unfortunately they are interested in regaining respect by turning to legalization. In my opinion legalization is a "if you can't beat them join them" strategy with the potential to create a whole new source of disease, crime and addiction as well as increased tax spending and corruption that will come with it. I believe they should try to gain the citizens respect by adopting a community based deterrent rehabilitation and eradication of drug users, dealers and crime with a citizen and law enforcement team. A real team of police working hand and hand with citizens for the same goal of solutions not just continued fighting for profit and job security. The answer is not creating another source of disease, crime and addiction that will certainly add to the existing causes and effects of currently regulated guns, cigarettes, prescription drugs and alcohol. Ending prohibition doesn't mean complete abandonment of finding a community deterrent and user rehabilitation solution. I fear legalization will ensure more deaths on the road, cancer, domestic violence, murder, home invasions, child abuse, neglect, divorce, health cost and big business for those who depend on users of artificial solutions. Instead of covering up the current alcohol and prescription drug abuse that plague law enforcement, politicians and influential leaders as well as society in general, we will now have to deal with the abusers of additional addictive legal drugs. I fail to be convinced we will be better served or able to control the abuse of any addictive drug. History clearly shows we are not capable of regulating cigarettes and alcohol and we can not control the misuse of current legal prescription drugs, alcohol and guns. "Fight Back" is proven to be the answer between prohibition and legalization. See ("Fight Back" essay appears in the book After Prohibition, published by the CATO Institute)
Fight Back CATO Essay ~ .pdf-file
In speaking with one member and several supporters of LEAP I am encouraged by the ability to keep an open mind and dialog while agreeing to disagree on solutions. Once one reaches the conclusion the existing 4 Decade war on drugs is a failure and real, moral and ethical solutions are truly the goal, finding common ground is possible. To date not one person will agree that we have successfully regulated any existing legal, mind altering, addictive substances. vist www.LEAP.cc ~Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Great argument for change. Wrong solution.

#2 Being A Drug Dealer: There are many things the average citizen does not realize about drug dealers. One is that real drug dealers do not take drugs. They also are very vigilant about keeping their children drug free. Drug dealers are sharp business owners who view drug users in the same light as service animals (mules) thus the title of couriers for drug dealers. The drug user is nothing more than an expendable source of cash. In the eyes of drug dealers drug users are viewed as having no, respect for themselves, those they sell to or the families and friends they destroy therefore deserve none. When a user dies, gets into an accident or arrested they are discarded like a burnt out light bulb and as easily replaced by a new junky willing to earn for a fix. Real drug dealers are viscous, violent dictators with full control of their businesses. They recruit and secure users with ties to law enforcement, politicians and influential business owners. Real drug dealers know what the street cops are going to do before the street cops get their orders. Real dealers have influence, eyes and ears in the highest levels of government and law enforcement. We should question why most law enforcement agencies are against drug testing. We should also question this common practice of protection within law enforcement called the code of blue or code of silence? Corruption is wide spread in the drug industry.

Corruption is more than cops on the take. It is as simple as law enforcement protecting long-term investigations that clearly promote more illegal drug traffic than it defeats. It is the media refusing to inform the public of real solutions such as "Fight Back". Long-term investigations ensure future grants and job security for law enforcement. The media provides a source for drug dealers to monitor their industry. The drug dealers depend on professional courtesy such as ignoring and refusing to investigate drug activity involving the children, friends and associates of law enforcers, politicians and influential businesses owners. Drug dealers depend on law enforcement agencies that refuse to conduct drug testing in their own agencies. The ones who do drug test are often manipulating the testing process to ensure the protection of their own image. Drug dealers realize they have the power of holding a carrot out to agencies dependant on grants and intimidated by conflict, association and guilt. Drug dealing is one of the most lucrative cash flow businesses in the country today. We all know that 80% of legitimate businesses fail in the first three years. What you didn't know is the same amount of drug businesses flourish in the first three years. Drug dealers rely on the media to report the arrest of expendable news worthy competitors that have become reckless and dead ends for law enforcement investigations. The people in the know are rarely impressed with the stature of low level names listed in these so-called major stings.

Speaking of pay-offs, millions of dollars are used by drug traffickers to make sure that their drug business runs without a hitch past politicians, police officers, judges and border inspectors. Sometimes drug traffickers will fund and provide arms to extremist groups to protect themselves from the government. Then another country's government will fund the counter-extremist group, and before you know it, there's a war. If money doesn't work, drug traffickers will use threats, blackmail, and even murder to keep mouths shut. This turns the very people that we depend on to protect us into corrupt, greedy and scared slaves to the drug industry.

Drug dealers rely on information from the newly arrested mules who, almost always get out on bail and continue to sell drugs. They inform their suppliers about what law enforcement knows in order to pay for their legal fees. Being an informant for law enforcement can be safer and more lucrative than being a drug dealer.The media refuses to highlight the number of arrest of low-level drug dealers repeatedly arrested during a short period of time. Many dealers continue to sell drugs while awaiting trial on pending charges. Many are arrested and released multiple times. The drug dealer has only his own greed and vanity to fear. If those two weaknesses are kept in check a real drug dealer can remain prosperous for many years with very little odds of being shut down. Very few employees of legitimate businesses are known to have $2,000,00 in their pocket at any given time. A low level street vender in the drug industry earns that in a single business day. I have been a legitimate self employed businessman my entire adult life. During my 3 years working undercover I oversaw more than $100,000,000.00 in illegal drug trade. I have not figured out how to make thirty three point three million a year in my current legitimate business of 24 years.

#3 Conquering Drug Dealers: One of the easiest, gratifying thinks I do. Conquering drug dealers is child's play, safe and inexpensive if you follow the "Fight Back" tactics. It is a selfless act that builds pride and self esteem. Conquering drug dealers is a great contribution to the community on many levels. Conquering drug dealers saves lives, increases property values, protects and teaches our youth values, commitment, civic duty and the importance of living in a free society. Conquering drug dealers rewards our elderly and service men and women with the security that they deserve after devoting their lives to working, raising and educating children, building communities, and serving us. Creating a safe drug free 'Fight Back" community should be viewed as more than our civic duty. It should be valued as a chance to exercise our right as citizens to take ownership of our business. The citizens business is our country, states, communities, neighborhoods, schools and families.

Conquering drug dealers is as simple as taking care of our business. The citizens business today is one of absentee ownership and nonexistent management. We citizens the taxpayers are the corporation called the United States of America. At some point we elected public servants (managers and employees) to run our business and we left the building. We at some point lost control of the boardroom giving our public servants (employees) full control of our business. This has resulted in a business that is failing the citizens/owners on every level. Our public servants (employees) by our abandonment have turned our business into their personal profit center with complete disregard for their bosses, the citizens, the taxpayers that fund the entire corporation of the United States of America. We the citizens/owners fully fund with our tax dollars every individual branch office (states) and each department (communities, cities, towns, villages, neighborhoods, schools and families).

Our country was built by, uneducated immigrants who had limited options to choose from. It was and is so simple. If something needs to be done you have to get up and just do it. They didn't have anyone to do it for them and learned as history repeatedly confirms no one will treat your business like you will. If the employees were capable of running the shop without the owner they would become the competition. This is exactly what has happened in the No-Win War on Drugs.

It is time to return to our business and put the employees back to work for us. It is the job of the citizens to realize first we gave up control. Nobody took it from us. We and only we can bring this business around to serve us. We have created a powerful self-servicing greedy monster. Like any creation the makers have the advantage. We have the power to destroy our creation and turn it back into a respectable corporation with paid public servants (employees) they were elected / hired to be. Like conquering drug dealers taking back our business is child's play. It will take nothing more than the existing knowledge, already in our possession and hands on citizen/owner participation. It can be easy, rewarding and profitable on countless levels for every citizen.

"Fight Back" is a proven business model that has been silenced by those who profit from the no-win war on drugs. The most powerful business owners in the world abandoned their business and now realize the time has come to regain control. It is time to "Fight Back" or except failure. The people for the people created this corporation called the United States of America. Drug dealers from our communities fund today's terrorism, which is determined to kill every single American. As my friend and mentor Mike Levine the author of 'Fight Back" will often recite, as Snoopy says "the enemy is us". We the people are it's only hope.

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Rapid Drug Test Systems®      |     A division of JMB Enterprises Inc.
By Appointment ONLY ---- 84 Court Street, 2nd Floor, Binghamton
Phone: 607-761-1668   |      info@rapiddrugtest.com
Rapid Drug Test Systems®    |     A division of JMB Enterprises Inc.
By Appointment ONLY ---- 84 Court Street, 2nd Floor, Binghamton
Phone: 607-761-1668     |     info@rapiddrugtest.com
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A division of JMB Enterprises Inc.
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