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Off The Record ~"Fight Back" Supporters

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Published by in Fight Back, Trafficking · 18 February 2018
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To start lets go on the record: I have been consulting businesses, landlords, families and average citizens in crime and drug dealer prevention since 1982. It all started when I was forced to travel outside my local community to enlist the help of law enforcement agencies to deal with the embezzlement of my families business and later death threats against my family. We were first victimized by organized crime and then by local law enforcement, local media and local politicians. Since 1982 I have not received co-operation from my local media, law enforcement and politicians on the record, but I have been intimidated, threatened and deliberately undermined. My consulting career started in Fla. when I enlisted the FBI, Ft Lauderdale State Attorney and Broward County Sheriffs Department to help me fight crime and drugs in New York. I worked under cover as an organized crime embezzler and drug dealer for three years. During my three years under cover I was associated with corrupt local law enforcement, lawyers, doctors, judges, reporters and influential local businessmen. Since I came out from under cover I have received plenty of support off the record.

On April 17, 2006 the Press and Sun Bulletin released an article asking it's readers to do some sole searching, and homework to find other communities dealing successfully with their drug problems. On April 27, 2006 I distributed press releases to the Press and Sun, local media, law enforcement and politicians. Together with radio commercials, a weekly call-in talk radio show, public forums and much more. I received responses from two county legislators and one mayor. The three visited me and took a book describing the Fight Back plan. No one followed up. The media has declined to inform the public of my response to their April 17th request for solutions.

The Plan is "Fight Back" by best selling author Mike Levine. Mike Levine is a world-renown expert in the field of deep under cover narcotics tactics. Mr. Levine is one of the nations most highly decorated agents in DEA history of the War On Drugs.

Off the record: "Fight Back" has support from many local law enforcers, media personnel, politicians, educators, judges, lawyers, businessmen and citizens. The only problem is intimidation causing them to insist on being silent supporters. A vast majority of citizens, report being warned by law enforcement of negative fall out for their support of Fight Back. Warnings range from advice from concerned law enforcement officers to threats of delayed future response to 911 calls all the way to arrest for obstruction of justice. Bully Hogwash! Many citizens are intimidated. Like most bully threats, police threats are empty. Citizens must think it through. Street level patrol officers do not control the 911 operators. Emergency responders would have no clue nor would they have an organized list of citizens to neglect. These spineless bullies rely on citizen apathy caused by fear, ignorance of the law and citizen rights. Fight Back was developed for citizens who are fighting mad about the 40 year failed law enforcement policies, which have led to community apathy and drug infested neighborhoods.

Since April 27th Fight Back has led citizens to clean up numerous streets from drug users, dealers and drug related crime. In half the police have intimidated the citizens by threatening some with obstruction of justice and others with interfering with long-term police investigations. In the cases of the other half, citizens simply notified law enforcement they planned on having a Fight Back meeting. The police immediately arrested the dealers or more disturbing they tipped the dealers off and got them to move in order to protect their sources and at the same time ensure the citizens they did not need fight back. In all cases the citizens reported unacceptable drug related activity for six months to three years with no response from law enforcement until Fight Back.

Exactly who is saying what off the record?
Law enforcers, politicians and media insiders report, without drugs and drug related crime we would be financially devastated. Law enforcement depends on government subsidies to sustain payroll, training and future long-term investigations. The health industry is dependant on government grants for drug rehabilitation, education and treatment, not to mention the millions earned by decease, crime victims, overdoses and accidents caused by having drug problems. The media receives tens of thousands in anti drug advertising dollars. The crime, overdoses, accidents and government-funded programs, are a majority of news needed to fill the pages.

Educators: have a lot to say. Teachers are afraid to speak out and actually suggest faculty should be drug tested. Parents are for the most part too busy to get involved with their children's lives. Other parents are quite naive and unwilling to even think their child is capable of being involved with drugs. There are the parents who are clearly on drugs. One of the biggest complaints is the school politics and fear of being reprimanded for getting involved.

School Administrators: are not at all shy about saying there is absolutely no way they will expose parents to the truth about the drug epidemic that pelages schools nation wide. It is simply all about image, enrollment, funding and politics. Children are incidental to the business of running a school. One principal invited Fight Back to her school after announcing she was transferring to another school, stating her pool funding was more important than the drug issues. The new principal is interested in continuing on but has too many drug arrests to actually schedule an appointment and keep it. The off the record concerns, complaints and suggestions of educators is a book in itself.

Parents: just don't have a clue. They really don't have a source to get a clue when they ask. The media, law enforcement, teachers and administrators refuse to talk to them honestly. The best parents just simply do not have enough time to get involved even when they try. Most families have little or no communication within their own structure and many who do communicate completely disagree on everything from whose job it is, the level of seriousness of teenage drug use all the way to what if others find out. Parents rarely accept responsibility and teach their children that everything is someone else's job, problem or fault. Very few parents teach their child to be responsible for their own actions regardless of what their friends do.

Businesses; for the most part refuse to conduct proper drug testing. Most small businesses completely falsify and alter proper procedures. Many believe if they ran an absolutely drug free workplace they would have to close. The general belief is there are not enough non-drug users to survive. Many federal corporations also disregard the rules and regulations of federal drug testing. Many more just simply don't know how to conduct a proper drug and alcohol program. Most human resource and safety managers don't know where to find their policy and procedure or what is in it.

Off The Record there is not a single person who does not know someone effected by drugs. Not one person is without opinions suggestions and genuine concern. Not many feel free to exercise their right to free speech. Americans live in fear of retaliation from the public servants they pay to serve and protect them.

FIGHT BACK creates drug free neighborhoods, schools and families.

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By Appointment ONLY ---- 84 Court Street, 2nd Floor, Binghamton
Phone: 607-761-1668   |      info@rapiddrugtest.com
Rapid Drug Test Systems®    |     A division of JMB Enterprises Inc.
By Appointment ONLY ---- 84 Court Street, 2nd Floor, Binghamton
Phone: 607-761-1668     |     info@rapiddrugtest.com
Rapid Drug Test Systems®
A division of JMB Enterprises Inc.
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