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Drug Testing Q & A

Rapid Drug Test Systems
Published by in Drug Testing · 18 February 2018
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QUESTION #1: Why do businesses drug test? ANSWER:
Businesses drug test to screen job applicants, reduce accident cost, reduce workers compensation claims, reduce absenteeism, reduce theft and control health care costs that positively enhance the bottom line creating a strong competitive edge.

QUESTION #2; Does drug testing work and who is doing it?

Overwhelmingly, yes!! The legal system approves workplace testing, The U.S. Supreme court sanctions drug testing and the Sixth District Court of Appeals (Chattanooga, 846 F2d 1539 CA6 1998) said the combination of drug screen and GC/MS confirmation test is virtually 100% accurate. A Harris poll conducted in 1995 asked if employers should have the right to drug test job applicants. 70% of employees and 73% of employers said yes. In a separate study, 90% of employers who were drug testing said it is effective. The U.S. Navy spends $20 million dollars on drug testing yearly, and saves in excess of $168 million dollars. The majority of Fortune 500 companies, and other highly competitive national and world wide companies, are drug testing, In short, trend setters who rely on a strong competitive edge are doing it.

QUESTION #3; Is it expensive?

Absolutely not. The benefits far out way any cost. In many cases, you can pass the cost on to the applicant (in order to apply with this company you have to pay for and pass a drug screen). By avoiding just one accident, lawsuit, and the estimated theft that is associated with a single substance abuser, you can pay for your entire program. The more employees you have the greater the savings will be.

QUESTION #4 Can applicants and employees cheat the test?

No. Any single stage of the process can be subject to cheating. However, a program that follows all the proven and suggested policies and procedures is fool proof. 100% zero tolerance will provide you with 100% positive results.

Question #5 I am a sole proprietor and the only employee. Why should I care about drugs in the workplace?

You should care most of all. If you rely on deliveries or services of any type, you especially need to know that the people you do business with do not suffer from absenteeism or consistent shipping errors. Every minute you spend on the phone tracking a lost shipment, returning incorrect orders, or apologizing to your customers for their error, your entire business is closed. Drug users are also your customers. Many small companies go under due to cash flow. If your vendors have drug related problems they are probably having cash flow problems and guess who isn't a priority? That's right, The small guy can always be replaced.

QUESTION #6 Are local companies successfully drug testing?

Yes, there are several. The ones I talked to say that they can't imagine what they were thinking by not doing it sooner. They also admit that denial and fear of not being able to find applicants were factors in waiting until they just simply couldn't wait any longer. Not one could think of any business in this community that would not benefit from becoming drug free.


Rapid Drug Test Systems has presented many interactive and educational talks in the past several years. We have yet to finish on time due to the overwhelming awe and amazement of our audiences. While we are always well received by the people who hear us speak, we are disturbed at the fact that people believe that they do not have drug problems in thier communities. Those who recognize that drugs are a problem believe that there is nothing they can do. We are very interested in what you think.

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