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Citizen "FIGHT BACK" Anti Drug Dealer and Gang Solutions Boycotted

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Published by in Fight Back · 17 August 2006
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When Media, Law Enforcement and Politicians Censor and Silence a Citizen Anti Drug Dealer and Gang Solution "FIGHT BACK" They Send A Clear Invitation Aiding Drug and Crime Activity in Communities.

Michael A. Bonventre a 25 year activist and (Operations Manager) of Rapid Drug Test Systems has responded to a suggestion in a recent Press and Sun Bulletin article written April 17, 06.

Columnist Mary Haupt wrote, "Those who say users are as much a part of the problem as dealers are on the right track. Which means we, as a community, as families and as individuals, have some soul-searching to do.
We have some homework to do, too. For starters, we could look for models of what has worked in other communities. Surely ours is not the first to confront a drug problem.
And we need to keep talking to each other. Silence will get us nowhere.
We can deny the problem and let the creeps take our community away from us. Or we can resolve, today, to get smart, get moving and take our community back".

Mr. Bonventre sent the first press releases announcing "Fight Back" Anti Drug Dealer and Gang Solutions a proven plan to rid his community of drug dealers, users and drug related crime to all local media, elected officials and law enforcement agencies on April 27, 06.
**Broome County NY leaders have clearly taken a stand to protect its status as the hub of northeast drug traffic. Community leaders have decided to ignore solutions at all cost. "Fight Back" Anti Drug Dealer and Gang Solutions is conducting live radio call in shows and invites, challenges and notifies the media, law enforcement and politicians weekly with no response


The "Fight Back" Anti Drug Dealer and Gang Solutions model was developed by Michael Levine, a highly decorated former DEA agent, best selling author and world re-noun anti-drug consultant. The "Fight Back" Anti Drug Dealer Solutions, model has been evaluated by universities and research groups such as the Swedish Carnegie Institute. The Cato Institute has published Mr. Levine's work. Mr. Levine's "Fight Back" Anti Drug Dealer Solutions model has been commissioned by the Partnership for a Drug Free America and is successfully working in many communities from coast to coast today.

With the personal support of Mr. Levine, 25 year citizen crime and drug prevention consultant, Michael A. Bonventre, operations manager and former federal, state and county undercover organized crime/narcotics consultant will present the "Fight Back" solutions model to all who are ready to change the tide of a 30 plus year failed war on drugs to create rapid and lasting solutions…

Official Replies: Updated Weely "Fight Back" Latest Anti Drug Dealer and Gang Proposal Boycotted in 25 years

Law enforcement - State Police, Binghamton, Johnson City, Endicott, Vestal, Broome County Sheriff: None

Media - Press & Sun, TV Channels 12, 34 & 40, Radio: (3)

Citidel Communications Roger Neel of (1290 am First News Live) Citizens talk live with Mr. Bonventre about "Fight Back" Anti Drug Dealer Solutions. Citidel was the first to give "Fight Back" a voice in Broome County

Press and Sun Bulliten: The paper's community editor Mary Pat Hyland is the first to print opinions and editorials about "Fight Back". The Press and Sun News reporters have not yet covered "Fight Back" as a news story.

Channel 40 FOX News Binghamton: On Sunday 02-04-07 Smitha Rao was the first TV ancher to bring "Fight Back" to Broome County Television News.

Elected Officials: Senator Tom Libous, US Congressman Maurice Hinchey, Assemblywomen Donna Lupardo, Town & Village Legislators, City Counsel, Mayors- (3)

#1 6/20/06 Mayor Harry Lewis - Johnson City met with Michael A. Bonventre. After a 45 Minute refeshingly candid meeting the Mayor left with a "Fight Back" book. We await his reply.

#2 08-02-06 Broome County legislator Chris Kuzel. Mr. Kuzel came in the capacity of a citizen, father, landlord and tax payer. Mr. Kuzel spent 2 ½ hours discussing politics and solutions. Mr. Kuzel is arranging meetings with other Citizen / Politicians

#3 08-17-06 Broome County legislator Chris Kuzel brought legislator David Lindsey to meet and discuss "Fight Back". Both now have a copy of "Fight Back". We plan to meet with a third member soon. Without making an endorsement both legislators agree that "Fight Back" is worthy of continued discussion and have offered to extend the invitation to Sheriff David Harder and others to review "Fight Back". No response after 8-17-06

Fight Back is not prepared to be ignored by any elected official, public servant or media provider.
To ignore a proven studied and time tested Anti Drug Dealer and Gang Solution is unacceptable.


Several law enforcers confidentially support "Fight Back" Anti Drug Dealer and Gang Solutions. Long term investigations and future funding will be immediately threatened by "Fight Back" efforts. They also express concern for there safety by repeated exposure to drug crimes, drug users and drug dealers and gangs that should have been eleminated long ago, insiders say.

Several columnist, TV and radio reporters express personal support for "Fight Back" solutions and frustration with the politics that prevent fair and balanced reporting of the communities drug issues and anti drug dealer and gang efforts.

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