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Candid Interviews with: Part 1: Drug Dealers, Drug Users and Gang Members & Part 2: Police Officers, Military Personnel and Politicians

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Published by in Interviews · 18 February 2018
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In 1982 I served as a citizen undercover organized crime drug dealer. During my 3 years acting as a drug trafficker from coast to coast for law enforcement I worked with some of the nations largest gangs. The Italian mafia was one of the nations first and largest organized crime, drug gangs. I also worked with Biker gangs, Jamaican, Cuban, numerous Hispanic gangs and Skin Heads. I lived and worked directly with drug dealers and drug users ranging from pimps, prostitutes, low and high-income workers and wealthy business owners. During my 3 years undercover I was responsible for overseeing more than $100,000,000.00 (One Hundred Million Dollars) in drug and crime activity in my small community (Greater Binghamton, NY The HUB of NORTH EAST DRUG TRAFFICING). This could not have been possible without the additional help of unethical self-serving law enforcers, politicians and media, a criminal's greatest assets. Citizen apathy and understanding the opposition's obstacles and misguided agendas is something I have mastered. During the past 25 plus years I have interviewed hundreds of criminals, drug dealers, users and gang members. Recently I have interviewed members of the Bloods, Crypts, Asian, Hispanic gangs and some local home grown gang members and associates.

Today the same basic principals apply. Technology has helped but gets much more credit than deserved. Other than upgrading from CB radios and pagers to cell phones and computers for communication very little has changed. Drugs and money still have to change hands face to face. Technology and media if anything have enhanced the success of the drug industry. Money rules the motivation and agenda's of law enforcement and the drug industry equally. Law enforcement successes and failure are both the drug dealer and gang's success.

The war on drugs has cost American taxpayers more than a trillion dollars. Law enforcement relies on grants and other funding to fight drugs not stop drugs. Gangs and drug dealers find great comfort in the fact that long term investigations provide them with protection and inside information. It is common knowledge law enforcement has multiple obstacles to hurdle before they can even get an investigation started. The drug dealers and gangs know exactly what those obstacles are and how to get around all of them. Drug dealers and gang members take great pleasure knowing law enforcement can not continue to get financial support if criminal activity falls beyond a certain level.

Part 1: Drug Dealers, Drug Users and Gang Members

According to 25 years of personal experience and interviews with hundreds of drug dealers, gang members and hardened career criminals it is agreed by all the police and media help drug dealers and gangs when:

Police arrest low-level drug dealers while completely ignoring drug users. This is a way to get informants that will justify more investigations and boost budgets. This encourages new dealers to fill voids and increases drug cost making the community even more attractive to new drug dealers.

Media publishes the number of dealers arrested and dollar values of drugs taken. This advertises the enormous wealth and demand of the users left desparate for a fix. This raises the value of the drugs and attracts new dealers.

The police control and undermine Neighborhood Watch groups to ensure on-going investigations. This gives drug dealers the ability to grow and move frequently to avoid arrest. Parents of the users invite drug dealers into our communities in many neighborhood watch groups. The parents of a drug user beleives starting a neighborhood watch group this will keep the dealers out of the neighborhood. What they have done is given the dealers an inside source of information about what the police are being told by the group. Neighborhood Watch should focus on getting rid of the user who invites the dealers to the neighborhood.

The media refuses to cover citizen groups that are not controlled by law enforcement. This ensures drug dealers will never be surprised by flexible effective deterrents.

Police fall victim to abuse of power, frustration, greed and extortion, or just honor the code of silence and do nothing about the criminal in their own department. This is human, rampant and as old as time. Drug dealers are always informed and co-operate with the give and take of low-level arrest to ensure authority within their industry. This mutual agreement is also as old as time and common knowledge on the streets.

Police and media promote false accounts of severity of crimes and magnitude of existence of criminal activity. This ensures a false sense of security and continued citizen apathy. Dealers thrive in communities that publicly deny gang existence.

Drug dealers, users and criminals take great pride and are not shy in reporting the comfort and pleasure they get from knowing Fight Back is consistently attacked by law enforcement because it absolutely always eradicates drug activity, threatens on-going investigations and much needed funding to justify law enforcement budgets and job security.

Fight Back is always ignored by mainstream media because it absolutely always energizes citizen groups and undermines law enforcement control over neighborhood watch groups and eliminates long-term investigations. Good news is not as attractive as bad news. Ratings dictate content. Drug dealers and gangs rely on the media to keep the general public ignorant and inform them on how to avoid surprises from law enforcement.

Part 2: Police Officers, Military Personnel and Politicians

"Fight Back" has a large number of credible supporters in law enforcement, media and among all political parties. Unfortunately they are all silent supporters. They are all well aware of retaliation for exercising their right of free speech. Especially about Fight Back.

Military personnel in all branches and ranks will tell you al-qaida and terrorist around the world rely heavily on money from the US Drug trade. All soldiers I have spoken with are outraged by the media refusal to tell the public of Fight Back successes and the authorities refusal to acknowledge Fight Back. They are insulted by the apathy of the citizens who refuse to honor their sacrifices by withholding the privileges of freedom of speech. Our brave service men and women scarifice their lives so we can wield the most powerful weapon of all, A FREE UNITED VOICE.

Law enforcers, politicians and media confess drugs and crime are necessary for their own selfish survival. Without continued long term investigations grant money would dry up. News Papers don't sell unless there is some level of continued fear and controlled hope. This is also true with TV News ratings.

These goals of selfish greed cannot be achieved if the problem is solved. We know today each law enforcement agency has both bureaucratic injustice and criminals. Law enforcers past and current realize dealing with either or both would eliminate their futures and pensions as well as the public trust, which is barely intact today. Good cops feel ashamed and helpless while bad cops are empowered by apathy and a system that rewards continued never ending investigations.

Countless interviews, confessions and 25 years of fighting law enforcement that intimidate citizens, media that aid criminals and a bureaucracy that ensures public ignorance about real solutions are the drug dealers most valued assets.

Drug dealers fear only Fight Back's acceptance while law enforcement and the media fear Fight Back's success.

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Phone: 607-761-1668   |      info@rapiddrugtest.com
Rapid Drug Test Systems®    |     A division of JMB Enterprises Inc.
By Appointment ONLY ---- 84 Court Street, 2nd Floor, Binghamton
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A division of JMB Enterprises Inc.
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